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Why Moony?

Modern mums are asking: which nappies are better, how to choose the nappies that do not cause irritation or allergies and give the feeling of constant dryness? 

Moony, made in Japan; is one of the leading brands of Japanese nappies, is gaining its popularity among buyers around the world. This brand is made of the highest quality materials with the final product satisfying the most demanding parents, especially if they already had some negative experience with nappies, produced by other companies. 

The main Features of Moony Nappies:

The texture – Feel the texture of Moony nappy and you will see that it is not unlike a real underwear. They are soft, gentle, and let the skin breathe. So, your baby will not develop a nappy rash, your baby's skin will be free of irritation or redness - as a result, your child will not cry, because he or she is uncomfortable or itching - the nappy will feel like a second skin.

Indicator stripes – Moony nappies are designed to completely avoid leakage: the nappy has an indicator - pale yellow stripes, which become blue when it is time to change nappy.

Perfect fit - the second skin nature has another big advantage Moony nappies got - they hold on and do not slip. After all, baby doesn’t just sleep peacefully - he or she is constantly moving while awake and some are even while they sleep :) All this time Moony nappies remain where you put them on (provided you did everything right).

Each sizes of Moony Diapers is designed based on the needs of each  growth developmental stage of  your child.

Moony Pants, for boys and girls -  the only Japanese nappies who taking into  account the gender of the child: for example, diapers for boys have a "strengthened" front area of ‚Äč‚Äčabsorption.

Why MUST I buy nappies Made in Japan for JAPANESE Market?

Up until now, Moony from our online store is came to us directly from Japan, which  made in Japan for Japanese market. 

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How to choose the best nappy?
We help you to select the right type of nappy for your child.

Therefore, We only offer - Moony, the 1st disposable diaper with super absorbent in the world.

It is super soft, thin and comfortable.  It is highly absorbent to keep your baby's skin dry and at the same time provide good airflow while preventing any leakage when properly put on which is very important at night time.